HG Hills Ashland City, TN

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Please check your 'sell by dates'. I am forever having to take something back because it is past the expiration date, and I do not mean by a week or two, I'm talking months!

I've had this happen numerous times, especially with items that are on sale. When shopping & I do find expired items, I do take them to cust serv counter. All that is said is 'thank you'. Are grocery stores inspected by the Health Dept as restaurants are?

They will also have their 'sale prices' for items on sale in-between items. So you think you are getting the sale item, until you get to the check out. And they are bad about NOT putting the sticker on an item that is on sale.

Maybe I will learn one day? But being a small town, I do not have much choice. Just wish they would shape up or ship out.

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